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Bear Hunting License

A valid hunting license and a bear permit is required to hunt for bear prior to the firearms season on deer. The charge because of this license is:

  • Residents $27.00*
  • Non-Residents $74.00* (this license covers the bear hunting season that is entire
  • Non-Resident Later Season Allow $40*

In cases where a non-resident desires to hunt bear throughout the regular firearms period on deer just, a bear that is late-season license and a legitimate hunting permit is needed.

To trap for bear, a trapping license and bear trapping permit is needed. See Trapping statutory Laws to get more information

Landowner Privileges

Qualified landowners may hunt bear by themselves land without a large game license, but they are necessary to have legitimate bear searching license. See landowner that is special.

Bait could be put 1 month ahead of the bear searching with bait period with no later than 31 october. Bait areas should be washed up by November 10. Bait can help help dog hunters and trappers, however it is unlawful to shoot a bear over bait following the close for the bait period.

Hunting by using bait is described as searching from an observation stand, blind, or any other location that overlooks any bait or meals, except standing crops and meals which have been kept as a consequence of normal agricultural operations or normal event.

Bear bait means any animal, plant, or derivative thereof, utilized to attract bear. This doesn’t add packaging or container materials that fall in the concept of litter under Title 17, В§2263.

An individual might not spot any medicinal, poisonous, or stupefying substance to entice any animal, including bear.

Bait might not be put to entice, hunt or trap bear that is black:

  • The bait is positioned at the very least 50 yards from any travel method in which is available by a conventional 2-wheel or drive vehicle that is 4-wheel
  • The observation stand, blind, or bait area is clearly labeled with a 2 inches by 4 inch label using the title and target regarding the baiter
  • The bait is positioned significantly more than 500 yards from any waste that is solid web site or campground
  • The bait is positioned significantly more than 500 yards from an occupied dwelling, unless written authorization is issued by the dog owner or tenant
  • Anyone searching from someone else’s stand or blind has got the owner’s authorization.
  • Anyone bait that is placing someone else’s land has got the landowner’s authorization (oral or perhaps written down).
  • If putting bait on a wildlife administration area, you’ll want to secure a permit from MDIFW. To use for a bear baiting allow, contact the wildlife biologist in your administrative area.
  • If putting bait on Public Reserved Land, you will need to secure a license through the Bureau of Parks and Lands (for information, call 207-287-3821).

Baiting of animals is forbidden in State Parks and Historic web Sites.

Legal Hunting Gear

Bear can be taken by usage of rifle, handguns, muzzleloader, shotguns (with slugs just and never bigger than 10 measure), bow and arrow (with a draw that is minimum of 35 lbs.) or crossbow (with the absolute minimum draw fat of 100 lbs.). The employment of a firearms with .17 or .22 caliber rimfire cartridges, or a shotgun with shotloads to hunt bear is prohibited.

Bear Hunting Prohibitions

An individual cannot, within 50 yards of a baitsite and without written authorization fromthe one who keeps the bait web site:

  • search, trap, molest, or harass bear
  • to produce dog or dogs to hunt bear
  • train dogs on bearIt is illegal to hunt bear, or launch dogs for the function, within 500 yards of a solid waste disposal website

It’s unlawful to hunt bear, or release dogs for that function, within 500 yards of the solid waste disposal website

Searching with Dogs

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It is illegal to:

  • usage dogs to hunt bear throughout the open firearm period on deer
  • use more than 6 dogs at any one time and energy to look for bear
  • Kill or wound a bear that is held or treed at bay by another individuals dog or dogs until you have actually permission through the individual performing the search

Someone might not hunt bear after having killed one by searching that can not trap bear after having killed one by trapping, throughout the available period of the calendar 12 months. An individual can destroy and register two bears, one by searching and one by trapping.

Bear Hunting by having a Maine Guide

Nonresidents must use, and look when you look at the existence of, a resident Maine guide to be able to hunt bear with dogs. In the event that nonresident is an authorized Maine guide, they might hunt bear with dogs by themselves, and may also guide residents, but cannot guide nonresidents.

The sum total amount of consumers having a guide that is licensed perhaps perhaps perhaps not surpass five.

Laws Regarding Registration

Prior to registration, bears might be chop up for ease of transport, but all components ( aside from the viscera and rib cage) needs to be presented as well as in such a fashion that the intercourse associated with animal could be determined.

Gift bear should have each part plainly labeled with all the title and target of the individual whom registered the pet in addition to in which it was registered year.

Note: Hunters have to eliminate a tooth that is premolar the bear they harvest and supply the enamel at enrollment (guidelines offered by the enrollment place). Hunters will soon be notified associated with the chronilogical age of the bear they harvested from the Bear Hunting web web page regarding the MDIFW web site ahead of the start of bear that is next period (belated August).

For informative data on buying, attempting to sell or bartering pets, see Prohibition Regarding Selling of crazy pets.

For informative data on tracking wounded keep, deer or moose with dogs, see Leashed puppy monitoring License.

2020 Bear Hunting Seasons and Bag Limits

period Dates day-to-day Bag & Possession Limit
General Hunting August 31 – November 28, 2020 2 might be taken yearly – 1 by searching, 1 by trapping
Hunting with Dogs September 14 – October 30, 2020
Hunting with Bait Bait could be put August 1, 2020 August 31 – September 26, 2020
Trapping September 1 – October 31, 2020
Youth Bear Day August 29, 2020

All times are inclusive except that searching is forbidden on Sunday.

See Laws related to Hunting gear for info on the usage of crossbows. Extra information on Bear Trapping.