hello and welcome to this video on how to create a properly formatted MLA annotated bibliography page yay that’s who doesn’t love to do stuff like this alright we’re looking at the blank page here we need to make sure a few things are set up first first everything in MLA is Times New Roman size 12 good wanna make sure we have 1-inch margins on each side click on the layout button margins 1 inch on each side boom got it I’ll make sure the paragraphs are set up correctly the easiest way to do that is going to paragraph will make sure that is double-spaced and don’t add lines between paragraphs of the same style you don’t check this you’re in big trouble but it’s gonna be wrong so make sure it’s double-spaced and make sure that’s a checkmark all right now we have to create the header the header is created by clicking towards the top of the page double click twice double click twice I was just double clicking oh it looks like open it’s a header section once you open the header section you’ll notice there’s a page number thing over here click on page number you want to go to the top of the page we want to go plain number or it’s on the right-hand side boom okay now notice also we want to make sure that this is not checked which says different first page make sure that is unchecked if that’s checked you’re gonna run into headaches so don’t do that for MLA now I’m going to type in the last name of the person who’s doing this paper boom okay that’s me alright and I’m going to click out of this ok so my header is done now for the information the top of them in a paper it is the name approach and ride the paper name of their instructor their classes they are in and then the date it’s been in its order and the date is the day the month and then the year in that order day month year that’s MLA style okay so your name teacher’s name use their title class you’re in Section number helps and then the date okay next we’re gonna do the title you’re gonna do the title we’re gonna do the title okay title is centered okay or Matt and they did video little Rafi all right from an annotated bibliography all right so centered notice it’s not underlined it’s not in bold it’s not in italics none of that okay I also notice that all the words are capitalized except for the really common ones like uh and and such that’s just MLA all right boom now comes the fun part we get to do the actually annotated bibliography formatting again so bibliography thing first thing we need to do is find an MLA source well if you use a source like NC live or something similar so let’s say we found this source here we wanted to cite it okay and well here’s the citation for it here long so I’m going to go ahead and I’m gonna go up to where it says retrieved without anything more than that so it’s about copy that go back to my page and then I’m gonna use merge formatting that way it will keep the italics where it should be okay now that’s good but it’s not quite right for MLA formatting the only thing that should be left aligned here is the first line of the source so everything else needs to be done with the hanging indent that’s a problem so we need that again there’s more than one way to do this I’m just showing you the easiest way to do it so I’ve highlighted the source and then under indentations I click on the little paragraph button there I’m gonna change that to hanging hanging indent okay so now that’s the source this is just the more information about that source okay now let’s make sure that hanging indent is turned off the next part of this here now this is where I pasted my notes again annotated is basically to take notes on bibliography is like list of sources so we’re just gonna take notes on the source this is where your instructor will give you directions on what kind of notes they want to take on an annotated bibliography this video is just to show you how to format it so let’s say we had some text here okay so that’s not where it should be proper formatting is we need to have this the quick and easy way to do this is get this all the way to the front here and hit the tab button three times one two three and then backspace boom okay so now the way they look I got my source here and he after a live to the source or in that was hanging indent and then my notes are actually indented even the step further to show this what if it looks like it has more than one source so here’s an example of more than one source and notice this is all double spaced there’s no huge gaps anywhere okay so this is what it to look like when you’re all done okay well hope this video has been helpful and now go have fun doing your empty bibliography